Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting Back To Writing

Time to get back into the trenches! I've been having loads of fun working on my art with various clients throughout the year, but it looks like I won't be taking anymore commission work until I get my two books published at the end of the year. One will be a republished version of "Prossia," and  the other one will be it's prequel that's currently dubbed "Operation: Sand Gnat." Oh, yeah! And what about that Operation: Pirate Bee you saw some ads for? Yep, I'll be getting back to work on that one too, prepping up it's marketing campaign since it will be my next big novel once I'm done with these two Prossia titles. I've been putting these guys on hold for awhile, but due dates have been creeping up on me in the meantime, regardless.

So, don't be too shock if you see a lack of posts on my end for the next couple of months. Don't worry. I haven't gone anywhere! I'm just working behind the scenes, making sure I give readers some awesome adventures to go on. Can't wait to show everyone the final goods! ^_^

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