Friday, July 5, 2013

Author Portraits: Diantha Jones Steampunk Fairy Final

This was a GREAT deal of work, but it was loads of fun, for sure! The thing about steampunk is bringing out all of those snazzy accessories and patterns into one solid piece of fashion. It's crazy, but rewarding when one can pull it off (which is why I think so many people love wearing the style so much).

I had to think of a style that would fit Ms.Jone's own persona and taste. And even though she's very stylized in this illustration, I wanted to make sure the clothing she wore in this piece could be something plausible in real life. I was thrilled when Jone's approved of the initial design sketch, so it was pretty much full steam ahead during the whole...

Did I just make a pun? Oops... >_>

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