Friday, June 28, 2013

Author Portraits: Diantha Jones Steampunk Fairy 1

Ooooooh boy, this one gonna be off the wall! I've always wanted to do something with steampunk, and I used to draw fairies a lot when I was a kid. So, this is just win-win all over for me!

So, this is a VERY rough sketch of the pic. Getting the pose and Diantha's face was top priority at this stage. A basis of the outfit was included, but not too in depth. Hee hee, who wants to put hours of work in on elaborate clothing such as steampunk attire only to have the client tell you they don't like it?! LOL! Fortunate for me, Ms. Jones was thrilled about the pose and the beginning stage of the attire. Not too sure about the expression though, but it should be another easy fix. More to come!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Author Portraits: Diantha Jones Vampire 3

This will probably be the last shot of this pic you'll get to see before I finish it up. The basis of it's all here, though. With a lil' more touches to the clothing and that smirk inviting you to dinner (in more ways than one) we have a vampiress in the making ^_^. Can't wait to show ya the final!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Author Portraits: Diantha Jones Vampire 2

Ahhhhh. There she is. I decided to stick with a hair style more familiar with Diantha on my second round, this time using a photo reference. The fangs aren't in yet (as my lovely client was very quick to point out at this stage :P) but I did give her some blood-red eyes to hint at the fact that she's not your normal gal. :)


Friday, June 21, 2013

Author Portraits: Diantha Jones Vampire 1

Boy-o-boy! I've been so busy with illustrations lately, haven't I? Those visual creative juices have been getting a heck of a workout, lemme tell ya!

So, my homegirl, Author Diantha Jones (I know her by her first name, so hah!) had this crazy neat idea of having some various portraits of her. One was just a nice casual version of her, but then she wanted to be a vamp chick and a steampunk fairy. How could I say no!?

So, here's my first attempt of vamping her up. Diiiiiiidn't work out too well because we both agreed--while nice-- this lady doesn't look anything like Ms.Jones! Let's see how the second round went. Trial and error, eh? ;)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Forbidden Future Cover

And here it is, the sci-fi anthology cover is finally done! A big thanks to Mark and his Masquerade Crew for letting me tackle this. Hope you all like! Be sure to check the Crew out. They have BIG plans for this exciting project of theirs.