Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting Back To Writing

Time to get back into the trenches! I've been having loads of fun working on my art with various clients throughout the year, but it looks like I won't be taking anymore commission work until I get my two books published at the end of the year. One will be a republished version of "Prossia," and  the other one will be it's prequel that's currently dubbed "Operation: Sand Gnat." Oh, yeah! And what about that Operation: Pirate Bee you saw some ads for? Yep, I'll be getting back to work on that one too, prepping up it's marketing campaign since it will be my next big novel once I'm done with these two Prossia titles. I've been putting these guys on hold for awhile, but due dates have been creeping up on me in the meantime, regardless.

So, don't be too shock if you see a lack of posts on my end for the next couple of months. Don't worry. I haven't gone anywhere! I'm just working behind the scenes, making sure I give readers some awesome adventures to go on. Can't wait to show everyone the final goods! ^_^

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prossia Novel Leaving the Market

Yep. You heard me. My first and only published novel will no longer be available. No more Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other format will be gone from the web... 

Well, at least, for now. ^_^

All of this is being done as I prep up the republished version of the novel, along with the prequel that will shortly follow suit. See, if you're an author, you probably already understand this part, but for the rest of you good peeps, here's what happened. I self-published "Prossia" through what many like to call a "vanity press" (though I've never been a fan of the term, out of respect to all of the people busting their tales in such at such a company). Because of that, they own the rights to "Prossia's" ISBN #, or International Standard Book Number. That's the number you'll see on the back of a book. Think of it as a book's social security number. It follows a book wherever it goes.

Well, while I have obtained all of the rights to my novel (I read my agreement VERY thoroughly to make sure I would) I don't own the current ISBN. So, if I ever wanted t -- oh I dunno -- republish the book all on my own or sumthin' like that, I'd have to get my own ISBN# (which is something smart authors do anyway). But wait. Then, that would mean there would be two completely different versions of "Prossia" out there, with their own ISBN, right? (Grin) Well, now that I wrote a letter to the company providing press for my book, not anymore. Mu hu wah ha ha ha haaaaaaa!

In all seriousness, though, Xlibris (the company I published through) has done a phenomenal amount of work for me. They want their authors to achieve their dreams, and they want to help those dreams become a reality. I've simply learned numerous aspects of the writing business throughout the past few years, and I do not feel I will require there services from here on out.

In the meantime, if you wanna be one of those folk that can brag about having the original book and the original cover, you better act fast. Otherwise, just wait 'til you see what I got going on in the future. :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Author Portraits: Diantha Jones Steampunk Fairy Final

This was a GREAT deal of work, but it was loads of fun, for sure! The thing about steampunk is bringing out all of those snazzy accessories and patterns into one solid piece of fashion. It's crazy, but rewarding when one can pull it off (which is why I think so many people love wearing the style so much).

I had to think of a style that would fit Ms.Jone's own persona and taste. And even though she's very stylized in this illustration, I wanted to make sure the clothing she wore in this piece could be something plausible in real life. I was thrilled when Jone's approved of the initial design sketch, so it was pretty much full steam ahead during the whole...

Did I just make a pun? Oops... >_>

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Author Portraits: Diantha Jones Vampire Final

This one turned out quite nicely, if I say so, myself. I had gotten more comfortable with drawing Ms.Jone's face up to this point, so it was simply a matter of accentuating on some features to make her more vampy looking. I'm happy about how the moon in the background turned out too. ^_^