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Blog Interview With "Prossia's Catty

I had the pleasure of doing an author interview with Mia Darien a few days ago, but that was just the beginning. As some of you know, “Prossia” has a spunky supporting character named Cattalice aka Catty who has a lot to say whenever she’s given the chance. Turns out Darien is a pretty big hit with her character interviews, so I just knew that my Catty would be a perfect hit! Since it's a bit lengthy, and I don't wanna take up the entire front page, you can read the other half of the interview at Mia's site
. . .
Mia: What is the name of the book where we’ll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?
Catty: Helloooo! I’m in Raphyel M. Jordan’s sci-fi novel, “Prossia.” Hmm, okay, what it’s about. . .
“Prossia’s” a– what do you Earthlings call it– oh yeah! It’s a ‘coming-of-age’ story. Did I say that right? Sorry. Your various Planet Earth dialects are weird! And I think this is where I’m supposed to insert LOL
Anyway, “Prossia” follows the story of my best friend, Aly. Our tribe got drafted into a galactic war to fight off this ancient enemy called the Cyogen. That’s pronounced “Sy-o-jen,” in case you people can’t say it right. Wait, that didn’t come out as offensive, did it? Sorry. I’m not too familiar with Earthling culture.
Oh. But “Prossia” is more of a character-driven story than situational-driven. It’s a lesson about the unknown strength and potential that young people can have if they’re just given a chance.
Mia: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?
Catty: My name is Cattalice the Younger of the Kutenbriun Tribe. Thus the reason why I just go by Catty. I’m a– how do you say– supporting character in “Prossia.” I’m a ten-and-seven . . . oops. I mean, I’m a seventeen-year-old Goolian from Planet Gooliun. I live in a southern tribe called Kutenbrya, only a couple of days away from our planetary capital.
My pappai–I mean father– is the field lord of my tribe, so I can’t deny the fact that I’ve had a more fortunate upbringing than most. I know I’m spoiled, and I’ve had it a little easier than most of my friends, like Aly. So, I try extra hard to help my tribe in any way I can. We Goolians believe in the bettering of the collective whole, not the individual.
I like to gossip, listen to music, and I LOVE to dance. Love it love it love it! I hate homework, but what teenager doesn’t? I’m sure that’s a universal thing with all sentient beings. :P
Oh. . . and I hate secrecy, especially the type I have to keep from the ones I love. :/ It’s a horrible feeling to have, especially when you think a person has a right to know that they. . . maybe I said too much on that subject. Um, next question?

Mia: Sure. What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won’t tell.
Catty: Promise? Okay. For an Earthling. . . I think he’s pretty cute. LOL! I know, I’m so weird for thinking that about an alien! Then again, I guess I’m the alien to you folks, right?
Besides, I was told by one of your kind that I’m kinda like a. . . darn it, what’s that word again? A humanoid? I take it that meant my species has similar physical-looking attributes to Earthlings.
Anyways, coming back to topic: Raphyel can be so serious at times, but so bubbly the next! He’s very passionate about making sure the Prossial experience is written correctly. He likes to draw too, and I think that’s pretty cool. He even did a drawing of me one time, and it looked so much like me that it was scary!
And I just love his hair! It’s so unique! Locks are so fancy looking. And he has such a cute laugh. . . Whenever you hear it, you know he’s nearby. Please make sure he doesn’t read this. LOL!
Read the interview in its entirety HERE 

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