Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A List Of Indie-Friendly Book Bloggers

I mentioned how difficult it can be when looking for a book blogger to read your book a few posts ago. However, the search can even be more difficult for indie authors at times. When I first hopped into the book blogger hunt, I mainly came across bloggers that had a pretty anti-indie sentiment. And that's okay, if not understandable. Anybody can write a book nowadays, and sadly, that means a lot of people out there have scared away a lot of prospective reviewers since some indie authors don't put in a great deal of effort into their writing.

However, if you're one of those people that see the logic in seeking out an editor, doing some research on how to properly write, and follow the industry on a professional level, this a place you definitely want to look up. I was fortunate enough to find this site that lists bloggers that got a lil' "street cred," and are very indie-friendlie. :P Why, this is actually how I found Austine Decker and the Magick Pen blog that gave me my first blog review and interview.

The Indie View lists indie-friendly bloggers that review various types of books. Romance, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, mystery, etc. All you have to do is find them! And considering there's 164 blogs listed, this place might be a good start for indie writers to find and network with some people that can get your book some attention. The lists of followers vary by blogger. Some can have 50 people while I've even seen others in the 1000s! Either way, if one extra person reads your book due to a book blogger, you should consider it a win. :)

There is one little catch with the Indie View, however. A few of the blogs listed haven't been updated in awhile, going from months to years even. So, I encourage (as you already should be doing when looking for book bloggers) to check the latest several postings on blogs you're thinking of considering. Doing this will give you a good idea of how often the blogger updates his/her site, and if you're actually going to hear from them since they're constantly in need of books to read.

Now, no blog is alike, and every person has certain items that need to be followed. We should always make sure to look over the review policies, and not just send every single indie blogger out there the same ole' email "template" that can just be copied and pasted. These blogs matter to the people that made them, so we should be willing to look over their web spot to see if we authors are a good match.

I'll go a little deeper into what I've learned in regards to conducting yourself when approaching bloggers in the future. In the meantime, you have a pretty good list of options that are definitely worth looking over thanks to the Indie View. Hopes this helps! ^_^

The Indie View 

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