Thursday, May 24, 2012

Optues Preparing For War

"Whoa! What is this?!" If you just asked that question, then you're way behind on "Prossia: Intergalactic News." These bi-weekly postings follow the events that shook the Prossia Universe pre-novel time. Hauno, a reporter from the top nation in the galaxy, Ufre, is always on top of what's unraveling around the galactic world. So, if anyone needs to know "what's in" the news, they don't have to look far.

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Needless to say, Empress Ha' Jaqui is a mirror to the emotional state of Optues. An alarming 98% of the Optin nation supports military action against the Cyogen after the empress addressed her nation four days ago:

"General Phojero's willingness to take light of his callous act against our nation will not go unnoticed. His people's hubris is a pure example of why we were willing to offer sentient support to the Galactic Order's war efforts, and why we now have no other choice but to engage them in a more direct approach.
I have asked the Optin Council to allow military action against Cyiaus, and that our first batch of troops be sent to aid our comrades on Wytha immediately. The Cyogen will bully our Wethan friends into submission, feeling that their people lack enough friends to stand up for them. Well, let it be known on this day, the Optin people declared that they're sorely mistaken."

Optues  is recorded to having the largest and fastest naval fleet within the Galactic Order. So it is a given that this news will be beyond welcomed to our forces already fighting milos away.

-Reporter Hauno, Ufrian International News

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