Monday, May 14, 2012

Amanda Hockings: What's She Up to Now?

I always believed that if one wants to be good at something, then look at how the some of the most successful people did it. In the case of indie-publishing, Amanda Hocking is definitely one of those titans to look at. A fellow writing peer of mine (gosh I wish I could remember which one) found a great article from the indie-turned-traditional author, and posted in on Facebook for a group of us writing colleagues to check out. I went to an epic of epicness writing seminar last week, and the debate between indie publishing and traditional publishing was a pretty big subject. So, why not get a perspective of someone who was able to do both? Here's what she had to say on the subject:
"I'm not saying that I couldn't have gotten some or all of that press without my publisher - I'm sure that I would've been able to get some of that attention on my own as a self-publisher. But my publisher certainly did get me more than I would've gotten or at least would've thought to get on my own, and they organized it all for me. And the foreign press - I would've been completely lost with a publicist to help me navigate.
But in the end, as pleased I've been with my publisher, as much as I've enjoyed working with them, and as much marketing and publicity they've done, none of it really matters if the books aren't doing well."
Check out the rest of Ms. Hockings chat and blog HERE.

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