Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodread Indies, This Is Your Club

While I was doing my daily routine of blogger "shopping" one day, I came across this blog that really tickled my fancy. It displayed solid reviews, had events for people, and seemed very author friendly. . . like friendlier beyond the norm (which says a lot since I've come across some really great blogs). I talked to the administrator, Scott, and we chatted it up pretty well. When we discussed what I was trying to do as an author, he invited me to check out the blog's club on Goodreads. . . and my mind was blown away when I got there and met fellow moderator Jeff along with the other active members in the group!

To me, the Indie Book Club almost seems like a vital asset to have for any author trying to go out all solo. After talking to so many peers in similar circumstances to me, I couldn't believe they looked over this club! It's definitely not getting the attention it deserves considering it only has a little under 400 members! . . . wait, that is a little, right? >_> Considering there are other Goodread groups out there with 1000 plus people, I'd say so! 

The club is a gold mine. It has a monthly novel, even a never-ending story, a self promotion area, and so many articles that discuss marketing!

  • Need an editor? Check. 
  • How about an illustrator? Check
  • Need someone to review your book? Check
  • Want a place to announce a writing milestone or event? Check
  • Wanna know what people were watching in the 80's? . . . well, they got that in their off-subject area, but you get the idea!
I've learned and gained so much from being a member of this club. Clientele work, very cheap and smart, marketing ideas. Hey, I even got a pre-editor there!

Goodreads is considered one of the best social networks for authors, and if you're gonna be there, why not join a group of like-minded people sharing similar goals. The Indie Book Club is very organized and filled with friendly people just trying to help one another. Remember that article I wrote about fellow writers being comrades in arms? Well, here's a great spot to find some. ^_^


  1. Thanks for the love Raphyel. I started your book earlier this week just fyi.

  2. Great resource! I found you on the Linked In discussion board. Thanks for posting this :)

    1. Well hello there, fellow Linky! Glad you found the post resourceful. Hope it helps! The Indie Book Club is really great! :)